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The people at Firstwaters are our foundation for growing together: a strong team that appreciates responsibility as much as opportunities to develop professionally and personally – in a lively and varied environment that offers plenty of prospects.

Our benefits

Choose where you live

Choose where you live

Wherever you would like live your life – your colleagues also come from all over Germany and Austria. If you live in Frankfurt or Vienna, you will also have a good chance of working on interesting projects close to home.

Excellent salary

Excellent salary

In an industry comparison, the salaries paid by Firstwaters are well above average – and we will take out an accident insurance policy for you at our expense. You can opt to have a company car as a portion of your salary.

Flat hierarchies

Flat hierarchies

So many job titles – but who is truly satisfied by adding another word to their business card? At Firstwaters, competences are more important than hierarchies, as the individual skills determine who takes on which tasks as part of a project.



Every new member of the consulting team is mentored by an experienced colleague. But communication and direct interactions are a priority for experienced colleagues as well – a contact person is available for all situations.

Smart technology

Smart technology

We work in environments with cutting-edge IT, which is why our staff always has access to the state of the art in terms of hardware and software. All consultants are equipped with the latest laptops, smartphones and modern software solutions.

Team spirit

Team spirit

Our team-building events are filled with experiences and top-notch entertainment. Each day, we all embody the powerful team spirit at Firstwaters together: we maintain a culture of friendly dialogue which also adds value to our earnings.

Exemplifying responsibility

Exemplifying responsibility

Anyone who begins working with clients and on projects at Firstwaters will quickly learn what makes us stand out: what we work on is relevant and we rely on teams where each and every members bears responsibility. From the very first day and growing with each day.

Professional development

Professional development

It is the knowledge of our consultants that make us appealing for our clients, which is why we work with in-house training sessions, coaching on the job and external partners who provide us with targeted training and support our professional development. In addition to this, we support employees who would like to develop themselves further on an individual basis.



Of course, the fast-paced project work can also get a bit hectic at times. From time to time, however, there are indeed phases where you can compensate for the overload. The work-life balance of our employees is a matter of great importance to us, which is why we offer various sabbatical and part-time models, for example.

What our employees have to say.

“I have felt like a part of the team from day one. After a short training period, I started working on projects straight away. Thanks to my colleagues, I had great support from the very beginning and was therefore able to quickly find my footing.“

Maximilian Stahl
Master of Science in Business Mathematics

"Firstwaters is a medium-sized company where many people know each other for years. The managing directors are working every day with the consultants and family life is much appreciated."

Ana Felicissimo
Master of Science in Finance

"Firstwaters is not just another consulting company. By uniting the know how of business expertise, technical know-how and methodical skills in each consultant, Firstwaters can give a unique promise to its customers."

Lorenz Knauseder
Master of Arts in Business, Banking, Finance &  Compliance

"After four years at a major consulting company with steep hierarchies and a broad approach to consulting, the flat hierarchies in particular were a draw for me as well as the clear focus on the implementation of standard software in the banking industry."

Tim Dabringhausen
Dr. rer. pol., Diplom-Economist

"I appreciate the simple nature of Firstwaters along with the experience and practical approach of my colleagues. Communication with each other is always open and technical discussions are carried out at a very high level."

Fabian Michels
Master of Science in Computer Science

"Everyday project work always offers new challenges as well as the opportunity to continuously acquire new skills and to develop personally. What’s more, it’s fun to work as part of a team."

Marco Sastre-Rocher
Master of Arts in International Management

What candidates want to know.

Here you will find more information about your application, your start and your work at Firstwaters.

That depends on the project. When an important milestone is upcoming, work can become more turbulent and the working hours might expand. In general, however, working hours are limited to the office hours – perhaps not always ‘9 to 5’, but without any nights and weekends spent working. After all, we want employees who also have fun doing their work over the long term.

New Firstwaters consultants who already have professional experience hit the ground running – they are given their work equipment (smartphone, laptop, access rights) on their first day. After that, they start working on their first project as soon as possible. We believe that nothing can replace practical experience, which is why we offer you the opportunity to prove yourself immediately – accompanied by experienced colleagues. If you come to us as a graduate, you will undergo an intensive training phase of around four weeks in a team of other newcomers regarding the topics we deal with, our IT and our methods. As soon as you have the chance to work on a project, your time begins at one of our clients.

We support and challenge our employees from the first day onward, and we promote them in their development with regard to methodology and business. Each of us also works on his or her personal development – that is our expectation. Our consultants begin with a supporting role on a project, are given their own subject areas to take responsibility over and, over time, develop into a role of leading projects and sub-projects. Our consultants begin with a supporting role on a project, are given their own subject areas to take responsibility over and, over time, develop into a role of leading projects and sub-projects.

In this case, we support our employees on an entirely individual basis. There is no fixed model, because everyone’s life situation is unique: sometimes the free time is important, and sometimes the costs of continuing your education. Continuing your education en bloc or one day per week over a longer period of time – there are reasons for either model. But it is clear that both you as an employee as well as Firstwaters invest in equal measure in such a ‘major’ undertaking. We are united by the desire for success, which is why the conditions or expense reimbursement, sabbaticals and salary reduction are agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Fancy-sounding job titles aren’t very important to us, which is why you won’t have to get a new business card each year. We are all consultants who work on projects at different seniority levels depending on our role and the subject area of the project. For us, excellence is what counts: we make a conscious effort to remain flexible and to make use of the people who are best suited. Internally, in addition to the executive board, we only have the level of managers, who have direct responsibility of a team and are a part of the management of the company.

We make possible whatever is within our control, so we are flexible when it comes to parental leave and sabbaticals. Of course, our consulting also takes place at our clients’ businesses. But family and career are nonetheless clearly compatible with us: compared to the industry as a whole, we have a very low staff turnover rate as well as satisfied employees.

No one project is like another, and the timelines range from eight weeks to several years (for major IT projects). For extremely long-running projects, however, there is a rotation to keep the thought processes from getting stale. And no one has to work on the same project for more than a year if they don’t want to.

Around two or three consultants work on smaller projects, and as many as 20 may be involved in more major projects.

The starting point of our projects is almost always processes, and these days nearly every bank process is associated with an IT solution. The processes in banking are evolving: Because the business logic is changing (e.g. through new products or the intent to open up new markets), because the banking supervisory authorities demand it (e.g. EMIR or MiFID) or because costs need to be reduced. We typically support such projects from the original design and implementation through to the ongoing operations. Our consultants analyse the situation and come up with solutions in collaboration with our clients. These results are documented in a functional specification and converted to specific requirements of the IT. Developers – from Firstwaters, other companies or the client themselves – then accordingly program and configure the software used. The solution is tried and tested, and – in some cases – client data need to be migrated. After that, the new solution enters the pilot phase followed by full operation. We strive to support these projects, if possible, from beginning to end, both from the business as well as IT perspective.

All of our consultants represent an individual triad of business expertise, technical know-how and methodological skills. Business consultants are not asked to program, but rather to prepare problems and recommendations for solutions in such a way that a developer is able to continue the work. So a basic understanding of IT logic is necessary – but over time, our business consultants gain their own familiarity with the systems that we work with frequently. The programming itself, however, is left to developers.

It occurs organically that our consultants are in demand for preferred subject areas in which they have already gained a certain level of experience, which is why the individual project history of many colleagues has a certain focus thanks to their area of expertise. On the other hand, we try to avoid ‘topic silos’ that make a consultant’s profile too one-sided. To expand our bandwidth and share our knowledge, we try to avoid colleagues only being used for certain fixed topics or assigned only certain responsibilities and tasks. In addition, our projects are constantly changing along with the clients’ requirements – that alone keeps our focus fluid.

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