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We support you in a continuously changing world.

Why we do what we do

We work with conviction for the finance industry. The constant change in the industry drive us, because we know that a vital financial system is of existential importance to the global economy and a stable society. 

Thanks to our business specialisation, we have a precise understanding of the products, needs and opportunities of the finance industry. We support you as a partner on equal footing. We speak the same language.

By solving complex challenges, we continuously develop ourselves. Measurable results are the currency of mutual success.

Let's take the journey together.

Together with you, we take advantage of transformation and innovation as opportunities and, in doing so, we establish Firstwaters as the leading partner for the digital transformation of the finance industry.


Each of our consultants brings together an individual triad comprised of business, technological and methodological skills, which is why our teams can efficiently handle even the most complex challenges with an eye for finding a solution.


We are motivated by the complex challenges presented to us by our clients. We precisely analyse these challenges and implement future-proof solutions - sustainably and efficiently.


We implement change. As part of organisational and IT projects, we provide our clients with sustainable solutions and accompany them into a successful future


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major migration/transformation projects

The power to innovate and implement.

Our consultants stand out thanks to their high level of expertise and many years of experience in the banking and consulting sectors. Using innovative concepts and creative solutions, our consulting teams will guide your project to a successful result. Along the way, they make use of a combination of outstanding business knowledge, excellent technical expertise and profound methodological skills. This unique triad enables us to provide targeted and efficient support to projects – from the initial idea through to the successful launch in production.

A strong and diverse management team.

Our management team boasts many years of practical experience in the banking and consulting sectors. Their different personalities and backgrounds complement each other perfectly.

Swati Buderbach

Dipl.-Business Administrator

Managing Director since 2020

Marco Fäth

Dipl.-Computer Scientist

Managing Director since 2000

Martin Peter

Dipl.-Business Administrator

Managing Director since 2017

Our Values

Values with which we commit ourselves to absolutely professional dedication form the foundation of our day-to-day tasks and our consulting services. Honouring and preserving these values when dealing with our employees as well as when working with our clients enables us to act with foresight – in partnership and on equal footing.

  1. independent

  2. focused

  3. sustainable

A prerequisite for objective consulting is absolute independence from any third-party influences. We are independent from vendors, investors and other partners and are committed exclusively to the success of our clients. Our consulting services are focused on project success and the sustainability of the results generated.

  1. cooperative
  2. agile
  3. communicative

Successful projects can only be realised through teamwork. We develop a project environment where internal and external project employees can grow into a team and, by bundling their capabilities, achieve the mutual goals as well as optimal results. We incorporate our expertise, technologies and methods into our project work – in the best interest of our clients and our company.

  1. responsible
  2. reliable
  3. sustainable

We accept responsibility for our clients. For this reason, we only accept a project if our consultants are able to make a decisive contribution. For Firstwaters, the focus is on qualitative growth and long-term development. Exchanging experiences, coaching and personal growth are important to us. We support our team on their path to success and continuously strive to develop our company further.

  1. professional

  2. competent

  3. effective

We lead our clients’ projects to a successful result and constantly work on making ourselves better. Our work is only successful if your project is successful. You can rely on our competence and our services. Every one of our client projects is a reference project.