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firstwaters - implementing

Our recipe for success.

Would you like to integrate heterogeneous system landscapes? Do your business processes need to be digitised and automated? Are you planning to implement current regulatory requirements for risk management and you need an expert partner? No problem. Firstwaters has all the specialists, tools and methods needed to make your project a success.

Our strength lies in the combination of specialist expertise and technological know-how with methodological skills. With this triad, we have all of the necessary abilities in our portfolio to successfully implement projects. We understand the business of our clients and are well versed in the technologies that can help them achieve their objectives. Each of our consultants brings together business, technological and methodological skills to varying levels of expertise, which is why our teams can efficiently handle even the most complex challenges with a drive for finding a solution.

  1. Business expertise
  2. Technological know-how
  3. Methodological competence

Comprehensive expertise under one roof.

Our business expertise
Our consultants speak your language and also understand regulators and supervisory authorities objectives. This allows us to translate your functional and non-functional requirements of your business processes into efficient and sustainable IT solutions - always in compliance with regulatory and risk management requirements. Jointly, we develop an inn

Our technological know-how
A sustainable IT infrastructure is the result of bringing together business requirements with innovative technical solutions. Our consultants are familiar with the applications of the various software vendors as well as their pros and cons, so they are able to integrate modern technologies into your IT landscape. Our expertise in data management and the intelligent automation of business processes form the important preconditions for this.

Our methodological skills
Choosing the right method and structuring the projects efficiently and collaboratively are decisive for completing projects in scope, on time and within budget. Only then can each member of the team make their individual contribution to the success of the project. Our consultants possess the methodological skills and soft skills for implementing agile projects in a transparent manner.

Specialised experts.

With our triad, we support projects from the initial business idea through to the final roll-out of your solution in production. We have focused our service portfolio on three primary areas which we offer to our clients in selected fields of the finance sector – always using cutting-edge technologies.

Our clients do business in a dynamic environment. They have to be able to adapt quickly to new digital technologies, increasing levels of competition and continuously changing regulatory requirements. We counter these challenges with creative approaches to solutions and the conscious promotion of innovative thinking and actions.

The finance sector has recognised that future opportunities can only be taken advantage of through new business models and the integration of digital and physical channels. Our experienced and entrepreneurially minded consultants specialise in the management and implementation of complex projects in the fields of integration, transformation and IT.

Increasing competition and rising cost pressure in the financial sector require innovative and sustainable IT infrastructures. These can only be accomplished with the use of modern and future-proof systems and IT solutions. In particular, our specialization in banking applications has made us a leading consulting firm in system integration. Data management and intelligent automation are also only possible by using established and innovative database technologies.