Organising data in an usable way.

IT architecture with vision.

Databases are the technical foundation for storing, processing and analysing our clients’ business data. Many companies have recognised that, in the future, optimally managing large quantities of data will no longer be possible using a single database technology. In addition to established relational databases such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and the like, development is increasingly trending towards NoSQL databases. Solutions – such as MongoDB – can maintain their data on multiple servers and make their services available in the Cloud. 

Every iteration of database technology has certain advantages to its application, and there is some variation in the optimal use, performance and scalability of these iterations as well as the costs associated with them. The market for database systems is therefore very diverse and not easy to come to grips with. Tailored database solutions require a deep level of understanding of the existing system landscape and the project requirements of the client.

We design your database to be stable, powerful and future-proof. We are well versed in the use of both relational as well as NoSQL databases. We support our clients from the establishment of individual database specifications through to completion of the entire data warehouse. We also provide them with comprehensive advice in the selection and implementation of database solutions that optimally support their business processes and data management.

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Our range of database services.

  • Evaluation and selection of suitable database solutions
  • Design and implementation of high-performance data models
  • Mapping of interfaces and data structures
  • Migration of databases