Data Management

Understanding and making use of data.

Data, data, data.

Constantly increasing requirements in risk management and in regulation demand that our clients implement and assure the quality of central data warehouses. Reliable data management and the comprehensive ability to analyse are critical factors in the success of every financial service provider.

The quality of the data provided and the understanding of how these data can be used are an important part of this process. We boast not only the technical competence to provide, aggregate and assure the quality of data, but our business expertise enables us – along with our clients – to understand and analyse the data and to use them accordingly to optimise business and risks for our clients.

Understanding and making use data.

  • Design of information architectures and the definition data models / datamarts
  • Design, mapping and implementation of interfaces
  • Aggregation and quality assurance of data
  • Design, implementation and testing of economic, regulatory and risk reporting
  • Integration of standard software and reporting tools

Data Management in practice.

Setup and quality assurance of data management for Treasury

Setup of data management for the regulatory and risk reporting in the Treasury division of a German state bank. Analysis of the data requirements, assurance of the data quality and implementation of reporting using Ambit Focus and XL Cubed.

Outsourcing of the central provision of end-of-day market data

Firstwaters is supporting a German state bank in the outsourcing of the provision of central end-of-day market data and has taken over coordination of the activities for all relevant departments as well as the process management.

Design and implementation of information architecture

Redesign of the IT information architecture for a private German bank. The objective was to enable the IT systems and processes for  the tknown and future regulatory requirements and to ensure the ability to fulfil them.