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Trading financial instruments is subject to constant change and transformation. With increasing market penetration of a product and growing maturity levels of evaluation and hedging models, the level of standardisation for the product also increases – thus resulting in reduced margins. At the same time, the expectations of digital transformation and product innovation remain high. More efficient processes and lower production costs are the key to a successful business in this regard. 

This is added to new regulatory requirements regarding pre- and post-trade transparency and the increasing pressure to execute transactions using standardised trading platforms. These stringent basic conditions lead to dropping spreads between bid and asking prices when trading OTC derivatives as well as increasing execution costs. 

In addition, investments must be made in IT systems and infrastructure, which leads to an additional strain on the income generated through trading. We are your partner for all questions regarding Capital Markets business. The speed and complexity in today’s trading world across all asset classes require a skilled partner with profound understanding of both the markets as well as their regulations. In recent years, Capital Markets have become the core of our business activities. 

We boast an outstanding level of expertise in the products and processes in the Capital Markets sector, which, today, we underscore with successful system integrations and long-standing relationships with clients. Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller – our consultants advise you in both the implementation as well as the optimisation of innovative, transparent and efficient processes.


of the 10 largest German banks rely on Firstwaters for Capital Markets projects


consideration of all asset classes, front to back

We support you in conquering your challenges.

  • Selection of suitable front-to-back trading systems
  • Support in the integration, migration and development of trading systems
  • Evaluation of trading processes and support in their standardisation/optimisation
  • Cdesign and implementation of product innovations
  • Digitisation of business processes

Our success stories from Capital Markets.

Front-to-back implementations

For more than 20 years, Firstwaters has been supporting clients in the Capital Markets sector – from the initial evaluation of systems through to the final roll-out of the respective platform.

Integration of securitisation business.

Firstwaters is supporting a major German bank in the integration of securitisation and the integration of a new standard software for the settlement of the securitisation transactions.

We understand your business.

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