Banking Applications

Understanding standard software.

For more than standard.

The IT departments of banks and financial service providers are under high levels of pressure, which is why the strategic objective must be to set up homogeneous system landscapes with low transaction costs while, at the same time, maintaining production security and a short time to market. 

We are familiar with the standard software solutions in the focused business fields and we are in a position to evaluate the solutions for our clients and to integrate those which best meet the functional and non-functional requirements of their business model. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the different applications, negotiate with vendors and incorporate our outstanding experience into the system integration and release upgrade of the various system solutions such as Calypso, Murex, Quantum, Ambit Focus and LoanIQ.

firstwaters - implementing

Experience is crucial.

  • We understand your functional and non-functional requirements and know the best system for them
  • We know about the advantages and disadvantages of market-relevant systems from our own project experience
  • We have more than 200 years of collective experience in integrating system solutions into existing system landscapes
  • Our consultants are objective – independent of the interests of vendors

The right system for every task.

Evaluation and integration of trading and settlement platforms into existing system landscapes.

For more than 20 years, firstwaters has stood for the successful integration of trading and settlement platforms in the area of capital markets for banks in the D/A/CH region.

Integration and development of LoanIQ as a system solution in wholesale banking.

LoanIQ has established itself as the central IT solution at many financial institutions in the area of wholesale banking.