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Corporate Banking is an established core focus of German banks and has once again grown significantly in importance after the crisis on the financial markets. However, competition on the German corporate banking market has greatly intensified in recent years. In addition to the expansion of business activities of foreign banks, new providers are also making their way into the market in the form of so-called near banks and non-banks. As a result of this development and the currently low interest rates, the existing business models of banks are faced with significant challenges. 

When it comes to their corporate banking business, banks have to have innovative strategies and create competitive advantages for themselves through the continuous optimisation of processes and cutting-edge digitisation while, at the same time, fulfilling the regulatory requirements. Digital technologies enable new growth by adding new services and business models. Intelligent automation allows for the development of more efficient cost structures. Only then can new business potential be tapped in this challenging market environment. 

We support you in the development of new business approaches – from their analysis and design through to the implementation in the form of innovative system solutions. Together, we develop new business models for successful and sustainable corporate banking.

Corporate Banking service profile

  • Design and implementation of innovative business models
  • Optimisation and automation of existing credit processes and services
  • Modernisation of the payments and clearing platforms
  • Selection and integration of standard software (incl. LoanIQ)
  • Integration of acquired business units into existing Corporate Banking activities

Proven expertise.

LoanIQ - standard software in Wholesale Banking

Fusion LoanIQ is the world’s leading software for processing syndicated and bilateral loans in wholesale banking. We have already successfully supported various banks in the integration and further development of LoanIQ.

Integration of solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Corporate Banking

SMEs are emerging more and more as an interesting group of clients for banks. The competition in this market segment is becoming fiercer. As a result, banks must strive to find innovative solutions for these clients.

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