IT landscape extended to retail certificate trading


Change Implemented!

In a project for a German state bank, our colleague Denis Zherlitsyn paved the way for the technical extention of business regarding the trading of retail certificates.

What was the project about and what role did firstwaters play in it?

In order to reach new customer groups and strengthening the current market position, the emission volume and system landscape had to be extended in a functional and component-wise manner. This extension occurred simultaneously to the increase of emission volume, thus affecting over ten central systems connected to certificate trading. To increase the efficiency, new interfaces and databases were connected.
firstwaters supported the client in the coordination of hardware and functional extensions of internal and external systems, the project lead and test management of interfaces and downstream systems.

What factors were important for the successful completion of the project?

The unique challenge of this project was to extend functionalities of trading, backoffice and sales systems while - in parallel - increasing the emission volume. Therefore, a key factor was the coordination and integration of all relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, the project required a precise and detail-oriented regression test phase of the numerous interfaces and data streams as well as a generally high knowledge across all affected business areas.


What experience can we take away from this project?

We were delighted to have supported our client in strategically positioning the bank in the trading of retail certificates. The extension and go-live of over 10 systems occured successfully, on-time and under budget.
firstwaters was able to further sharpen the competencies in terms of assessing complex interconnections of system-oriented projects as well as improve the collaboration with diverse business departments.

Project Team

Denis Zherlitsyn