Start of user tests: T2/T2S consolidation is now in an exciting phase!


The T2/T2S consolidation for the further development of Eurosystem’s Market Infrastructure is now in an exciting phase!    


Focus areas of the consolidation project:  

  • Introduction of central liquidity management
  • Separation of single payment transactions from the central bank operations
  • Introduction of the ISO 20022 Standard


Recently, the originally-designated submission date for the electronic delivery of the registration for the test environment (UTEST) was postponed by two weeks to 19/11/2021.

With regards to the start of the user tests (UTA1) planned for 01/12/2021, the creation of the required account structure (MCAs and DCAs), the relevant groups and the registration of the individual services pose serious challenges for the participants. There is still a long way to go with some milestones before go-live at the end of 2022.

We at firstwaters support and advise our customers with regards to onboarding and registration in the new system, the conception of the target structure and the mapping and implementation of the relevant use cases and processes.

Do you also struggle with these or similar challenges? Simply get in touch with our expert Stefan Meiss directly or contact us via our homepage.