Firstwaters Consulting: About us

About us

Firstwaters stands for first-class consulting

Firstwaters has grown into a leading, midmarket, engineering office for banks by constantly attracting customers and experts alike in addition to consistently generating revenue. The focus is on advising banks and other customers from the financial services industry on organizational and IT projects from a first idea to its daily business.



45 Consultants work at Firstwaters



44 successful systemintegrations



14 migrations or transformations



12 actually running projects

The company is fully owned by active management and completely independent of investors, manufacturers and other consultancies. Firstwaters is committed to quality ahead of growth. Our client projects are carried out by our own in-house staff and the management is equally involved

Our focus is on developing long-term partnerships with our clients rather than meeting short-term revenue targets. The proven and recognized success of a project is paramount to us. Every project counts as a reference project and with its sustainable and measurable results, it provides clients with a valuable source of information.

When can we carry out our next reference project for you?