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We start where others reach their limits

The world of IT is subject of constant change; with release cycles shortening, requirements becoming more volatile and environments more heterogeneous. This results in the need for further system standardizations and consolidations. At the same time, regulatory requirements are transforming and affect the IT even further.

There is an increasing demand for the development and integration of customized solutions into standardized software systems. The challenge lies in creating both a versatile and stable IT landscape which offers the capability to be adjusted and developed even further in the future.

The success in IT will depend on how key processes, such as requirements engineering, change- and defect management and the roll-out are being designed and deployed.

Firstwaters has a proven record of facing exactly those challenges of the IT world and have their focus on designing and carrying out solutions even for the most complex tasks in the banking industry. We know what drives the banking business and help you with the implementation of standard software and equally with the development of tailored and bespoke software solutions.

Our consultants are the key behind the project´s success. Through their experience in the implementation of IT solutions, targeted training and certifications we make sure that you have the right set of great minds on site to bring your project to success.