Firstwaters Consulting: About us


Our values

The character of our daily work and consultancy are based on values which call for absolute professionalism.


It is the success of our clients and our consultants which drives us. We set the bar high when measuring the success of our customer projects and work constantly to be even better. The success of a customer project is equally a measure of our success. Every customer project is a reference project.


If consulting is to be objective, then complete independence from any form of influence from third parties is imperative. We are independent of manufacturers, investors and other partners and are solely committed to the success of our customers. Firstwaters is completely owned by the active Management. Should a member of the Management step down, their shares in the company have to be sold to the remaining active management.

Maximum Performance

We have set the standard to always offer our customers the best possible consulting with professionalism, continuous training and highest possible efficiency. Our constant focus never strays from the common goal of project success and we work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations. The success of our organisation is a perfect reflection of the client´s project success.


We are convinced that successful projects only come with team work. We create a project environment which allows both internal and external project staff to flourish. We believe that the combination of skills of each individual, enables us to identify the most important objectives which will lead to optimum results. We utilise our expertise, methodologies and technology to act in the best interest of the client.


We feel accountable not only for our own organization but also for the customers´. The most important principle for us is the success of the customer’s project. This is the reason why we only take on projects which we feel confident in bringing to a successful conclusion. We at Firstwaters focus on organic and sustainable growth and development. One of our highest priorities is sharing expertise, coaching and continued development. We provide the means for our team’s success and work constantly to become even better.