Innovative and results-driven with an eye for realizing potential

Our clients are looking for solutions in all areas – from the start of a business idea right to its successful implementation into the day-to-day business. Our consultants bring along in-depth skill sets and longstanding experiences in the banking and consulting industry. Our consulting teams lead our customers to success with innovative concepts and creative methods of identifying solutions. This is what drives us.

Our teams excel with exceptional specialist knowledge, excellent technical expertise and in-depth methodological skills. This unique blend of expertise and experience allows us to support the client’s project from the initial idea through to its realisation in a targeted and efficient manner.

  • All Business Consultants bring along many years of consulting experience in the relevant key areas and have gained experience in many successfully implemented IT and infrastructure projects at financial institutes.
  • Every consultant brings along not only functional and technical knowledge but also extensive methodological competence in the analysis and prioritisation of requirements, in developing concepts, making recommendations for actions, in addition to having skills in communication and interviewing.
  • All IT Consultants are highly skilled in the implementation of Java/Java EE. The cross-divisional-responsibilities on priority areas (process models, Java EE tool set, Calypso, EAI/SOA, test automation) ensure that the whole team is working at ‘state-of-the-art’ level.
  • Our speciality is the successful implementation of Client/Server applications – in terms of time and scope – utilising component-oriented technologies in a Java EE environment.
  • Our focus is on interactive and flexible process models, whereby the v-model / waterfall model may also be applied.
  • We heavily invest in the continued training and development of our Business Consultants.