January 2019

  • New regulatory requirements for security transaction reporting (SFTR) are ahead; Firstwaters are going to support a Banking association in developing solutions for their member banks to implement them 
December 2018

  • MIFiD has taken market data availability to a new level; Firstwaters support a German public bank in implementing their state-of-the-art solution 

  • Despite the tighter regulations of German labour law, Firstwaters will continue to provide the best possible on-site support for their clients, that’s why the company has registered as certified staff lender under German jurisdiction.
 November 2018

  • A fast growing provider of telecommunications services won a bid that will multiply their business volume; Firstwaters are helping to keep processes and project management in line
October 2018

  • The methodology for software engineering is constantly changing; Firstwaters support a public German bank modernising their approach and framework
 September 2018

  • A major European banking group has been streamlining their treasury business group-wide; the deals of their German subsidiary are now on the global platform; a multi-year challenge for the local Firstwaters team is coming to an end

  •  A heavyweight of the global insurance industry processes unit-linked life insurance policies through Calypso; Firstwaters support in growing and hedging
 August 2018

  • Go-Live for the market-risk platform at a German public bank; Firstwaters had their share in development and are happy to congratulate!
 July 2018

  • A specialist in security settlement is supposed to take over the portfolio of a major German private bank – a challenge for both sides, and Firstwaters have joined the team
 June 2018

  • Continuous improvement of their Data Warehouse is a success driver for a German niche player in Private Banking, partly due to the efforts of the experts from Firstwaters

  •  A major German bank has modernised its system for security transactions; Firstwaters supported the effort
 May 2018

  • Firstwaters are once more ranking among Germany’s best consulting firms in the Finance industry, at least that’s what the renowned business magazine Brand Eins say, and we don’t disagree

  •  An Austrian banking group is counting on Firstwaters to help implementing FRTB regulations
 April 2018

  • Risk controlling runs better when data come from one source, in time and well-coordinated – that is the strategic target for restructuring the risk IT of an Austrian banking group – and the assignment for the Firstwaters consultant team
 March 2018

  • Ever more and new regulatory reporting requirements keep the finance industry busy. A German trading platform hired a Firstwaters team for help
 February 2018

  • MIFiD II is live, but the finishing work takes time, among others at a German public bank where Firstwaters support
 January 2018

  • A major Austrian banking group has switched accounting standards to IFRS9; Firstwaters are part of the team writing this success story.

  • MiFID II takes effect. Various banks in Germany and Austria trust in Firstwaters' expertise in their implementation projects.
October 2017

  • "Professional Choice Banking: Good jobs in hard times?" - a contribution from Jörg Digmayer was published in the latest edition of 'high potential' magazine.
September 2017

  • Firstwaters are looking forward to presenting at this year's 'BA Summit' of IIBA in Vienna our views on "Change processes in the banking world".
July 2017

  • Milestone passed: A leading Austrian banking group is ready for testing its reorganised treasury activities.
May 2017

  • German business monthly Brand Eins has again listed Firstwaters among Germanys's top consultants in the banking industry.
March 2017

  • The new operating model for the treasury of a major public German bank has gone live successfully.
December 2016

  • Martin Peter has been appointed managing director at Firstwaters.
November 2016

  • MiFID 2 regulations keep banks busy. A German public bank is preparing for the new requirements - supported by Firstwaters business consultants.
October 2016

  • State-of-the-art treasury requires powerful systems. Firstwaters support an Austrian banking group with a consultant team to achieve this.

  • A European banking group is streamlining their payment platforms across countries. Firstwaters support with project management expertise.
  • Risk management regulations are the main driver to look for new IT solutions for an Austrian banking group. Firstwaters lead the team and support with consultants.
August 2016

  • A group of German mutual banks is enhancing its online services. Firstwaters are also on board.
July 2016

  • Outsourcing standardised activities has been a way of reducing costs in the banking industry. Our new White Paper (in German) discusses the impacts on IT-driven projects.
June 2016

  • The investment banking unit of a major German Bank shifted its entire money market business to a new processing platform. The project, which took almost two years, just has come to a successful completion. Firstwaters were on board on all project levels.
May 2016

  • For the third consecutive year, Firstwaters have been listed among Germany's top consultants in the banking industry, says the renowned business monthly 'Brand Eins'.
March 2016

  • A specialist in private banking is rethinking its IT landscape to stay ahead of market and regulator requirements. Firstwaters support as external consultants.
February 2016

  • News from Basel: Regulatory requirements for the trading book have changed fundamentally. What banks can expect and how they could react now – read more in our latest "Whitepaper".
  • Bitcoins were only the beginning – other settlement systems beyond the world of central banks are waiting to shake the financial industry to its foundations – read more in Firstwaters’ new white paper “Distributed Ledger Technology in Finance - from Inception to Reality” in the section "Whitepaper".


November 2015

  • Milestone reached: A major German bank has moved its money market business to a new processing platform. This brings substantial improvements in efficiency. Firstwaters supported conception and implementation of the new solution.


June 2015

  • Firstwaters count again among Germany’s best employers. We have been granted the TOP JOB certificate for 2015 – the second time in a row.


May 2015

  • We did it again! In its 2015 consulting issue, renowned German business magazine ‘Brand Eins’ has listed Firstwaters among the best of banking consultancies, just like 2014.


April 2015

  • Firstwaters has written a technical paper on "Quo vadis, Clearing Market? Der Markt für Clearingdienstleistungen im Umbruch". Read more about this in the section "Whitepaper".


March 2015

  • A major European bank is renewing its group-wide architecture for market risk management. Firstwaters support this programme in the fields of project management, test management, business analysis and implementation.


December 2014

  • Dachtler Consulting and Firstwaters to merge
    Firstwaters will merge with Dachtler Consulting at the beginning of 2015. The merged entity will keep the name Firstwaters and the Aschaffenburg headquarters. We feel that economies of scale will enable us even better to provide one-stop consulting for larger client projects.


October 2014

  • In their recently published book „Employer Branding für KMU“ (Employer Branding for Small and Medium Sized Corporations), the authors Wolfgang Immerschitt and Marcus Stumpf have shown in a case study what Firstwaters do to recruit new high-performing employees – and how to keep them for a while …


September 2014

  • New Project: Onboarding Treasury Business to group wide trading and settlement platform
    Reducing IT costs of international financial groups by harmonising IT solutions is a challenge that a number of banking groups will have to face in the future. To make these kind of projects successful not only technical challenges have to be handled. Differing regulatory requirements in European countries as well as the political and cultural differences have to be considered. Firstwaters have taken over the project lead of onboarding the Treasury Business of a German bank to the centralised trading and settlement platform of the group.
  • Dr. Ralf Krause has left Firstwaters. Firstwaters thank him for seven years of success and wish him all the best! Ralf was one of four managing partners from 2007 to 2014.


July 2014

  • Third release of new central platform for market data for a leading energy company based in Switzerland was published with support from Firstwaters.


May 2014

  • German business magazine ´Brand Eins´ has listed Firtstwaters for the first time among the Top 40 of banking consultancies.
  • Firstwaters has written a technical paper on "improving processes in loan business". Read more about this in the section "Whitepaper".


April 2014

  • New Project: Modernising the CLS interface
    Processing foreign exchange transactions is risky business. Banks had to learn this the hard way, when Cologne based Herstatt-Bank went bankrupt at noon one day in Juni 1974 and failed to meet their US-Dollar payment obligations the same night. For quasi risk-free Forex transactions in interbank trading there has been CLS Bank ever since. CLS allows banks to process foreign exchange transactions in 17 main currencies fast and safely. Firstwaters are glad to support a major German bank to get their CLS interface in shape for the future. The technical challenge for our consultants will be to get very large FX tickets in short time safely to CLS bank – and back again!


March 2014

  • Milestone: Successful Calypso release Upgrade
    It is a special challenge for both the business and IT side of a bank to lift an integrated trading and risk management platform like Calypso to a new version. Our project team at a major German public bank are happt to announce "mission accomplished" for the move from version 11 to 13. Now, the foundations are laid to head for new demanding projects around Calypso.
  • Trade confirmations for derivative business transactions need to match on bank and client side. EMIR regulations have drastically shortened the time allowed for open confirmations. Firstwaters have been assigned to support a large German bank in bringing their matching and reporting systems up to date.


February 2014

  • A growing bank in the private banking sector has acquired the German activities from a competitor. Firstwaters support merging complex customer and business data.
  • Firstwaters has written a technical paper on "The MiFID amendment and the OTC derivatives trading". Read more about this in the section "Whitepaper".


January 2014

  • Rolling out the Team-Excellence-Initiative in the wealth management division of a major German bank. By the end of the pilot phase the results sum up to more satisfied customers, better motivated employees and several million Euro extra earnings.


December 2013

  • Firstwaters has written a technical paper on "How banks will cope with regulation on OTC derivatives". Read more about this in the section "Whitepaper".
  • Second release of new central platform for market data for a leading energy company based in Switzerland was published with support from Firstwaters.
  • This first version covers long term market forecasts, based on internal models and simulations.


September 2013

  • First release of new central platform for market data for a leading energy company based in Switzerland was published with support from Firstwaters. This first version covers real-time OTC data.


August 2013

  • Firstwaters supports a large German Landesbank in the context of derivatives regulation in connection to a trade repository and in the implementation of risk mitigation techniques. At this, Firstwaters provides management and analysis services.
  • At summer temperatures and a blue sky Firstwaters celebrated the popular summer festival . This year the finest catering with selected barbecue specialties came from WEBER-Grill in the Kapellencafé in Westerngrund. For children a riding excursion was organized and they could also have a lot of fun with the adults on the stream and on the playground.


July 2013

  • A German saving bank relies on Firstwaters in the redesign of the credit processes with focus on commercial credit business
  • At the 9th Aschaffenburg town run "SEFRA runs against violence" First Waters was present with a small but quick team. More information can be found here:


June 2013

  • A large German Landesbank relies on Firstwaters in the implementation of a “Pfandbriefdeckungspooling” for saving banks.
  • For the 5th time Firstwaters participated with 15 runners in the JP Morgan Chase Challenge in Frankfurt. The team was big as never before. The fastest runner managed the distance in very fast 26 minutes.


May 2013

  • Firstwaters presented in May on two interesting corporate and personal contact fairs and was available for any questions about the company and about the job of a consultant. On 15 May 2013 was Firstwaters in Darmstadt at the "kontaktiva" and on 16 May 2013 in Aschaffenburg at the "campus careers 2013”.


April 2013

  • The existing customers of Firstwaters have always new and exciting topics and projects: recently we support a large German bank in the area of Equity Markets & Commodities in P&L reporting. Due to the high product expertise of our employees in the capital markets environment we have managed in a short time to get productive for the bank.


March 2013

  • An international commercial bank relies on Firstwaters for the selection of a new trading and settlement platform.


February 2013

  • Firstwaters supports a leading energy company based in Switzerland in the new implementation of a central platform for market data with real-time connection of OTC data.
  • Firstwaters is one of Germany's best employer
  • With the certificate "Top Job" scientists from the University of St. Galklen honour each year Germany's best medium-sized employers. On 31. January 2013 Firstwaters on behalf of Dr. Ralf Krause received by Mentor Wolfgang Clement the coveted award.


January 2013

  • Firstwaters supports a large German Landesbank in the context of the introduction of LoanIQ in Whole Sale banking in the topics of “non-performing loans” and “SPL processing”.
  • At the beginning of the year Firstwaters welcomes two new employees. One Business Consultant and one IT Consultant strengthen our balance in the professional and technical consultancy to our customers.


December 2012

  • Firstwaters remains on a growth path: Never before we could schedule in December so many qualified and interesting new recruits for the next year.
  • Firstwaters is introduced by Dr. Ralf Krause at the University for Applyed Science in Aschaffenburg on December 12th. Following that Mr. Krause will talk about “Derivatives, poision or medicine?”.


November 2012

  • A leading German Asset Manager relies on the consultants of Firstwaters for the realignment of its Management Information System.
  • It is the first time that Firstwaters is in Passau at the graduate fair “campus meets company” on November 26th. At our exhibition booth students have the opportunity to inform themselves about our company and the professional development that exist in our company.


October 2012

  • One of Germany's largest public banks (Landesbank) has hired Firstwaters to implement the EMIR and Dodd-Frank-Act requirements for trade repository entries of OTC derivatives.
  • Firstwaters has been supporting a major German bank with a team of experienced consultants in consolidating the architecture of front-to-back trading systems for foreign exchange and money market business.


September 2012

  • Our consultants are pleased about a new project: a German Landesbank relies on Firstwaters’ Know-How for the optimization of the credit processes and for the introduction of OSP Kredit.
  • We were always convinced of our quality as an employer. Now independent inspectors have confirmed it. Firstwaters has received the certification "Top Job – employer".


August 2012

  • Firstwaters is a new sponsoring member of LMU Alumni Club of the BWL faculty and also of LMU Alumni Club of the VWL faculty.
  • Firstwaters celebrated once again a summer festival on Friday, 10th August 2012, in the Kapellencafé in the beautiful Westerngrund. The family celebration for young and old was a complete success, with perfect weather and wonderful ambiance.


July 2012

  • On the third weekend of July, we have successfully performed our office relocation from Goldbach to Aschaffenburg. After exactly 10 years Firstwaters at the location in Aschaffstrasse 3 in Goldbach we have moved our headquarters to Aschaffenburg in the Dämmer Tor 3.
    Our new address: Dämmer Tor 3, 63741 Aschaffenburg.
  • We are moving!
    Strating in mid-July we will change our location from Goldbach to Aschaffenburg in the direct vicinity of the main train station.
    Our new address from July 23, 2012: Dämmer Tor 3, 63741 Aschaffenburg.
    All phone and fax numbers will not change.


June 2012

  • For the 4th time Firstwaters participated with a high motivated team of 8 runners in the JP Morgan Chase Challenge in Frankfurt. Our aim was primarily to finishing the race as a team among more than 70.000 participants.


May 2012

  • Implementation of European Market Infrastructure Legislation (EMIR) and Frank-Dodd Act: How to avoid ‚missing the boat’ in Q4/2012.
  • EMIR Implementation: A German Landesbank endorses Firstwaters’ experience and know-how for the implementation of Client Clearing of OTC derivatives.
  • Elisabeth Schedel celebrates her 10th anniversary of working at Firstwaters on 1.05.2012. Congratulations!


April 2012

  • Our all-new homepage goes live, with more up to the minute content. Happy browsing!


March 2012

  • A major German bank’s large scale project is able to go live thanks to the support of Firstwaters .
  • The addition of two further consultants to the Firstwaters team succeeds in strengthening project activities in Austria and Switzerland.


February 2012

  • The issue of „CCP for OTC Derivates” becomes a longterm favourite at Firstwaters: Once again a large bank entrusts Firstwaters with the task at hand.


January 2012

  • A German Landesbank brings in Firstwaters consultants for the implementation of CCP clearance according to regulatory specifications.