Implementation of Standard Software

In order to meet client´s software requirements, a make-or-buy decision needs to be made, e.g. whether to apply standard software or develop a custom solution.

When deciding for the first option, it is important that the set of available systems from which can be chosen, is comprehensive and that this set is being evaluated objectively. Conducting a cost benefit analysis is an essential aspect in this process.

When integrating new software into heterogeneous IT infrastructures, functional and technical modifications are required so that the software can be seamlessly configured and adapted to existing processes. Additionally, existing manual processes should be automated and optimized to fit the software and remain consistent with business requirements.

Firstwaters offer a professional and holistic approach to the evaluation and selection stages of software implementation. Our consultants have over 10 years of experience in implementing standard software solutions, developing new software using Java technology as well as enhancing and customizing existing software.

Our long standing relationships with software vendors means we are able to raise important questions and clarify matters on your behalf. This personalized approach has always been well received by our customers and affirms our commitment to offer a very high standard of professional and consultancy services to our customers.

Our services in the implementation of Software include (extract):

  • Evaluation and selection of suitable standard software
  • Conception, implementation, configuration and implementation of standard software
  • Individual adaptation of standard software
  • Employee training and support