What does Firstwaters offer?

At Firstwaters, Business and IT merge. This does not just apply to the annual report, but to your own desk. This means that you see more, learn more and will become part of a high-performace team. Boredom is guaranteed not to feature!

Firstwaters is a medium-sized business. This equates for you into your role having a higher significance. Your work ethic, your strengths and humour actively shape our company. We are an independent organisation managed by 4 owners and have been profitable since we were founded. These means your job is safe with us. Firstwaters boasts flat hierarchies in which decision making times are short and direct communication throughout the organisation is favoured and lived. Scenes of dog-eat-dog with a lack of ‚bottom up’ communication do not exist at Firstwaters. Direct communication with the management is not only possible, but encouraged. This means that our staff are empowered and in a position to positively shape the future of the organisation with their varied and frequent input.

Firstwaters is a well known company on the market in its specialised areas and enjoy an excellent reputation. We are renowned for our exciting and successful projects with major customers, a true investment for your CV. We allow you to take on responsibility early in our client projects and show your worth. We enable you to develop your skill set in critical areas and technologies which are at the vanguard of development. We demand however, that you not only build up specialist knowledge, but that you are ready to show flexibility and expand your professional horizon further with additional skills.

Of course, Firstwaters offers you free, further development and training tailored to you and not only includes specialist and IT skills but also spans the soft skill areas too. We also encourage a less formal approach to transferring specialist and technical skills whereby we offer Business and IT Days as well as company meetings in which all staff come together.

Working hours can be flexible as far as possible on a customer project. Furthermore, the „Firstwaters-Family” encourage keeping in touch outside of the working day by offering various events. These include summer and Christmas festivals and underline our motto that despite the high demands of the working environment, the fun factor should always play a vital role.