Development and Continued Education

At Firstwaters we are keen that our employees are successful with us in the long run. Thus we encourage and actively support personal development.

This is especially accomplished during the daily work at the client. Our teams are composed in such a way, that experienced colleagues are coupled with newcomers, so that they can support them actively.

We deliberately use internal projects to give younger colleagues the chance to learn and grow from new topics and their challenges in a protected and safe environment.

Our “Project University” offers a comprehensive teaching program in which employees, after the day’s work, are trained in the project cities within small groups to learn technical issues, methodologies and soft skills.

For each employee, we maintain a skill matrix that has a professional, technical and personal component. This way, together with the respective executives, every employee can work on all development fields and learn to take appropriate actions.

For every topic area of our skill matrix, we have external providers for seminars, courses and coaching’s, with whom we have had good experience. This allows our employees to quickly improve on their skills. This, however, does not disclose the use of new and different measures. There is no fixed time or budget restraint for the active continuation of the employees education. If the employee and executive decide that a measure is good and useful, then it is made.