Career at Firstwaters

Our employees are the key deciding factor to Firstwaters’ success. It is important to us that our consultants enjoy their work in the long run and are successful with us as long as possible. Therefore there is no “up or out” policy at Firstwaters. We have no short-sighted interest in working our employees to the bone, instead we want to boost their potential. For that reason we are very selective about recruiting, we support self-sufficient work, promote personal engagement and try to stay as non-bureaucratic and straightforward as possible.

In project business, where you mainly work with clients, it is not always easy to achieve; but we make a point for our consultants to have a personal life outside of their profession. Most of us have partners and family – which is good and important!

Hierarchies at Firstwaters are flat, reporting lines are short; personal contacts and communication play a big role. That is how we create an environment, in which every colleague can individually develop their skills

Our dynamic industry offers a wide range of opportunities to do this. We deliberately refrain from using numerous fancy job titles and formal seniority levels, however, we attach importance to our consultants quickly assuming leadership within their projects and are perceived as experts in their field.

Our comprehensive training program ensures that employees can take a step forward regardless of their professional situation.