There are constant changes impacting the trading of financial instruments in today’s financial markets.

With an increasing market penetration of instruments and increasing sophistication of valuation and hedging models, product standardization is progressing and margins are deteriorating. Permanently changing market conditions are adversely affecting the ability for financial institutions to remain innovative and profitable.

In addition, market participants are faced with new regulatory requirements. Firms are confronted with increased pressure to trade on standardized trading platforms for the purpose of increasing transparency in pre and post trade execution.

Trading, especially in OTC derivatives, is likely to put considerable pressure on revenues and margins due to tighter bid ask spreads, higher execution costs and costs for IT systems and infrastructure.

Financial institutions who are able to embrace change quickly by managing their operational costs through better product and service innovation, will remain better positioned to offer clients a more personalized, high value service with lower costs.

Firstwaters provides support and management of projects in the area of Investment banking and trading. As an “engineering office for banks”, we offer bespoke solutions to your trading activities and a dedicated service to your business requirements.

Our services include:

  • Definition of functional requirements and use cases
  • Selection of appropriate front-to-back-trading systems
  • Support of the implementation, migration and further development of trading systems
  • Support of IT infrastructures
  • Trade process optimization and evaluation