Regulation of OTC Derivates

In 2009, at the summit of the G20 states, it was decided in response to the financial crisis in 2008, to introduce measures to promote better controls, safeguard investors and diminish credit and liquidity risks in the financial markets. For participants in the OTC derivatives market, this has meant adapting to new legislative initiatives proposed by the supervisory bodies.

The European OTC derivatives market has had to invest considerable resources in recent years in the implementation of regulatory standards imposed by EMIR.

This enabled Firstwaters to offer a variety of professional services in the field of OTC derivatives, particularly in the clearing of OTC derivatives by central counterparties (CCP), the establishment of the reporting of OTC derivatives transactions to central trade repositories and the implementation of risk mitigating measures for non-cleared OTC derivatives.

Next in line is the MIFID revision ( MiFID II / MiFIR), which will bring important changes to trading departments throughout 2016/2017. In particular, there are new requirements to report on pre and post trading activity and there is a push for OTC derivatives to be executed on standardized trading facilities.

Firstwaters has invaluable experience in the analysis and implementation of projects in the area of derivatives regulation. We have successfully completed many reference projects in this field affirming our continuous commitment to offer a very high standard of professional and IT services to our clients. The service ranges from the creation of a preliminary study to the implementation and induction of the required solutions.

Our services include:

  • Project support or overall project management
  • Functional and technical design
  • Test management and implementation support
  • General project management