Credit Processes

High quality and cost effective processes are detrimental to new and existing credit business. The changes in the markets in recent years have shown that efficient credit processes are fundamental to the health of the credit business value chain.

Efficient back-office processes enable early detections of potential credit risk and are paramount to the efficacy and integrity of the entire credit management portfolio.

To ensure success in the low margin retail business, all end to end operational processes must be designed to be reliable and versatile, especially for regulatory conformity and to safeguard internal efficacy advocating the need to minimize interfaces between front and back office.

Demands on processes are also increasing in the corporate lending business. Risks need to be identified at an early stage in periodical credit portfolio assessments, while sales opportunities have to be revealed at the same time as a part of the analysis.

Firstwaters has a comprehensive understanding of the credit business and an extensive track record in credit process implementation projects. Our core competencies combine expertise and technical skills that are perfectly suited to the business of credit process management.

Our services in credit processes include:

  • Credit process design and configuration
  • Compilation and supervision of implementation measures
  • Management and coaching of the change process
  • Implementation of control processes to measure performance and continuous process optimization